After a Kitchen Fire

Remove Smoke and Soot from Walls

After the fire is put out the difficult work begins. Smoke as a result of a kitchen fire can completely change the pleasant ambiance and look of your home. Walls and ceiling area get discolored due to smoke and soot which can be difficult to clean. The best option is to hire Austin fire damage restoration experts to do the job. However, if you insist on

Avoid These Mistakes

People often use abrasive tools and cleaning solutions to attempt to remove these stains from the walls, but, this usually turns out to be another disaster wrecking the surface. This happens when we try to resolve things without any prior cleaning knowledge or experience. When you experience fire damage, as soon as you are sure the fire is completely extinguished, you should open all doors and windows, turn on all exhaust fans and remove as much of the smoke as possible. If you forgot to take this step and your walls have smoke and soot damage, then follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Smoke Removal

First, open up all the doors and windows and turn on the exhaust fans to remove any remaining smoke. Ventilation will help avoid the settling of smoke on the walls. After some time, if you still see signs of smoke on the walls remember, before you start cleaning, rubber gloves and safety goggles should be worn to protect yourself from smoke and soot particles.

Clean Smoke and Soot From the Walls

Use a dry sponge, rub the smoke stains on the walls. The dry sponge will dust away from the settled soot and smoke pollutants. Then take up the dampen cloth and rub the wall surface until the black stains are completely gone. You can add a little rubbing alcohol to your towel to help with the more stubborn spots. Next prepare a mixture of warm water and laundry detergent and mix it thoroughly. Soak a clean sponge in this solution and wipe the area that still has the smoke stains. Next, use a dry towel to absorb moisture from the surface of the wall. Use fans and your air conditioner dry the walls. Finally, if you like, you can paint the walls your choice of color to ensure the impact of the smoke is covered up.

There’s Still the Best Option

That’s it. This process will surely help you to bring back the same or a better look that was lost due to smoke. However, if this won’t help you then do not hesitate to contact our ATEX smoke remediation experts who will use professional techniques to restore your place to its original state.