After a Kitchen Fire

Remove Smoke and Soot from Walls

Smoke as a result of a kitchen fire can completely change the pleasant ambiance and look of your home. Walls and ceiling area get discolored due to smoke and soot which can be difficult to clean. The best option is to hire Austin fire damage restoration experts to do the job. But, if you insist on

Kitchen Fire

Avoid These Mistakes

People often use abrasive tools and cleaning solutions to attempt to remove these stains from the walls, but, this usually turns out to be another disaster wrecking the surface. This happens when we try to resolve things without any prior cleaning knowledge or experience. When you experience fire damage, as soon as you are sure the fire is completely extinguished, you should open all doors and windows, turn on all exhaust fans and remove as much of the smoke as possible. If you forgot to take this step and your walls have smoke and soot damage, then follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Smoke Removal

First, open up all the doors and windows and turn on the exhaust fans to remove any remaining smoke. Ventilation will help avoid the settling of smoke on the walls. After some time, if you still see signs of smoke on the walls remember, before you start cleaning, rubber gloves and safety goggles should be worn to protect yourself from smoke and soot particles.

Clean Smoke and Soot From the Walls

Use a dry sponge, rub the smoke stains on the walls. The dry sponge will dust the settled soot and smoke pollutants away from the wall. Then take up the dampen cloth and rub the wall surface until the black stains are completely gone. You can add a little rubbing alcohol to your towel to help with the more stubborn spots. Next prepare a mixture of warm water and laundry detergent and mix it thoroughly. Soak a clean sponge in this solution and wipe the area that still has the smoke stains. Next, use a dry towel to absorb moisture from the surface of the wall. Use fans and your air conditioner dry the walls. Finally, if you like, you can paint the walls your choice of color to ensure the impact of the smoke is covered up.

There’s Still the Best Option

That’s it. This process will surely help you to bring back the same or a better look that was lost due to smoke. But, if this won’t help you then do not hesitate to contact our ATEX smoke remediation experts who will use professional techniques to restore your place to its original state.



Austin Homeowners Struggle With Mold

The Process of Austin Mold Remediation

The dangers of mold have been well documented, and procedures for removal have been drawn up by medical professionals, and these are used as standards in mold remediation. Although there is a lot of information about how you can clean small levels of mold, you should not attempt to clean it if it is in high amounts. You should call ATEX Water Damage Restoration your local mold remediation professionals and allow them to handle this risky situation. Inhaling large quantities of spores can cause respiratory problems or make them worse if they are pre-existing.

The Source of Moisture Must Be Corrected

The process of mold remediation begins by looking for the origin of the moisture that is creating the environment that allows the mold to flourish. If you remove mold and do not tackle the moisture issue, it will naturally grow back again. By reaching the root cause of the high moisture content in the structure and air of your home, you will effectively eradicate mold. Water could be seeping from a leaking pipe in the wall, or from a crack in the foundation. Whatever the source of the moisture, the ATEX Water Damage Restoration technicians will find it and repair it before they proceed with the remediation.

Black Mold Crowth

A Professional Approach

Our technicians are well-trained in the process of mold remediation. They have updated themselves with the laid-down procedures involved in the removal of mold. Using their knowledge and our high-tech gear, they will actually remove mold from your home. They perform these services wearing protective gear since mold spores can be dangerous, especially when released in high numbers. This occurs when the mold is being removed. Ideally, you should have left home, and waited for a mold removal company to give you a call and allow you back into your home.

Remediation Of Mold Takes Time

The time it will take to complete the task will depend on the degree of infestation in your house. If mold is discovered in several areas, then it will take much longer. However, if the growth is localized to one area, such as the basement, then the process should be faster. In addition to mold removal, ATEX also provides fire damage recovery services, and water damage restoration services.



Molds – General Data and Information

What Are Molds?

Have you noticed how much darker your tiles and flooring have become? Are you curious to know what those black growths are? Those growths are colonies of millions of microscopic organisms called molds. Molds are classified under the kingdom fungi, and are not animals, nor are they plants. But just like any other living thing, molds need to feed and reproduce. Molds survive in moist environments, where there is enough water for growth and the right surface for feeding. Mold growing in your home is not to be ignored, you should, or have professional do a mold clean up and remediation.

In The Proper Environment Mold Grows Exponentially

Though microscopic, molds can cause catastrophic damage to a home if not taken care of in a timely manner. Fungi, such as the water molds found in the crevices of moist areas, reproduce quite rapidly, and in a short time, they can cover a huge area inside your wall, countertop, floor, and other places. How do molds reproduce? They have an asexual form of reproduction which makes use of the release of spores. Spores act like tiny seeds that are easily carried by air, until they find a suitable substrate to attach to, in this case, your tiles, wall, floor, etc. Molds, more specifically water molds, are given the scientific group name of Oomycetes, which means that their spores are egg-shaped, or they are egg-shaped fungi when viewed through a microscope.

Mold Can Be a Serious Health Danger

Now you know how these organisms grow, and how they can make their populations increase exponentially. Read on for some health impacts of molds to humans, and how they can cause mold damage to your properties if neglected. Mold growth is often connected to a water damage incident that was not properly cleaned up and dried. Water molds, which are the ones commonly seen growing in the basement, kitchen, bathroom, and other moist areas of the home, are not deadly for human beings. However, certain people with asthma or allergic reactions to spore inhalation should not be exposed to areas where molds commonly thrive. The inhalation of the spores released by molds can cause anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal without the proper treatment.

If Left Untreated Mold will Cause Structural Damage

Even though if they are very tiny organisms. Mold can cause severe structural damage? Because fungi feed on decaying matter, they will find how delectable your wood flooring or wall panels can be. Allowing them to take over can weaken these structures and pose a danger to the people in your home. All the more reason you need to act on any mold problem right away. If ignored, you could have to face serious consequences


Houston Roof Repair

When Disaster Strikes

At TMRC we know when disaster strikes, it can take a few passes to return things to normal. If your building suffered a fire or fallen tree and lost part of your roof, you’ve probably already had a temporary patch applied meant to protect your possessions from further damage and to provide you a safe, dry place to resume business as usual. But now that your business is recovering, you’ll need a commercial  roof  repair Houston or maybe even a new roof.

Hopefully Repairs Can Be Done In Off Hours.

If all you lost were some shingles, we can easily replace them. However, if a major portion of your roof was damaged, we’ll need to remove the temporary patch so our technicians can examine the damage. Once they’ve finished their appraisal, they can decide how best to proceed safely and quickly, with as little disruption to your day to day operations as possible. Normally we can do the work during your off hours, but if you have a non-stop operation, like a factory or convenience store, we’ll work with as little interference as possible.

Crews Work Simultaneously

Our roofing service works seamlessly with our other disaster recovery services. While we’re up top, replacing the roof, our technicians will be removing excess water and working to shore up any weak spots in your foundation. We can be repairing your water-logged sheet rock inside the office while we fix the shingles on the roof. We can do it all at the same time, which saves you time and money. You don’t have to wait for the roofers to get the interior repaired. The crews work simultaneously so you can resume operations quickly. The recovery isn’t complete until you’re back in business.

The Annual Roofing Inspection Program

Because we have over 30 years of experience, we know all about your roof. We know what it’s made from, how it’s been damaged and how to repair it. Our work is thorough and guaranteed.  With Our Annual Free Roofing Inspection Program we keep the roof maintained and we can have a contingency plan already in place should the unthinkable occur. That will make recovery that much quicker, since we’re already familiar with your roof and your building. When you’re faced with recovering from a twister, a fire, hail damage or any sort of mishap requiring temporary or permanent roofing work, it makes sense to use the same company for your roof that Inspects your roof on an annual basis.



Houston Is Hurricane Country

Houston Is Huge Market

As such, there is a huge market for roof services and home improvement in Houston especially in the aftermath of huge storms. Missing shingles, holes, leaks, water damage, and even torn off roofs form the bulk of a roofer’s work in the area after a big storm hits. While it’s understandable that you want your roof system repaired or replaced immediately, don’t fork out money to the first guy to knock on your door claiming he can fix your roofs. You can get a free roofing inspection from reputable firm like Texas Metal Roofing Contractors.

Beware of Storm Chasers

There are a lot of storm chasers out there – people who go to areas devastated by storms, claim to want to fix your roofs, get your hard-earned money and run. Keep this in mind: It is rare that an established company offering roof services and home improvement in Houston will knock on your door. They will be too swamped with calls and demands for their services to go knocking around any neighborhood. But as licensed professionals, they will attend to your roofing needs and provide you with expert contractors to do the job. You only have to make the call.

Research and Ask About Your Roofing Contractor.

What services does your roofing contractor offer? Does the company accept home improvement jobs or only roof repairs? Perhaps the only roofs they’ve ever worked on are installing top patio covers in Houston. If your metal roof has been damaged make sure you hire a contractor who specializes in metal roofing Houston. When going for roof services after a storm, it’s best to consider a company that offers both roofing services and home improvement. In Houston, it’s best to get a contractor that specializes in more than one thing. After all, it’s rare for a storm or hurricane to leave your siding or windows alone after doing damage to your roofs.

Secure Bids

Securing a bid or estimate from more than one contractor gives you more options. But make sure that the estimates are for the same products – and that the contractor has seen the extent of your roof’s damage.. Without an on-site inspection, you cannot trust any bid a contractor gives especially if they’ve provided it quickly. Reputable Houston roofing contractors will not give a roof repair estimate without first having an opportunity to examine the extent of the damage.

Read Your Contract

A reliable and trusted company in roofing services in Houston will readily provide you with a contract itemizing all services required for the project, the materials to be used, the costs, the number of workers, working hours and the duration of the project. Warranties, permits, and provisions for insurance should also be in the contract. Get everything in a written contract before signing and starting the project. There are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself and your property from fake contractors even in the aftermath of a storm. Take time to research your options to find the right company to provide your house with roofing services in Houston.